Monday, September 29, 2014

Unleashing The Inner Fangirl, And A Book Review/Recommendation!

Well, here I am yet again, trying to be productive, and wandering over to this blog instead. This is becoming an addiction, methinks. I hope you are having a good day, fellow digressors, and that you are being more productive than I. 

I did manage to make some headway last night, though -- I finally got to work on writing a book proposal for one of my novels. Some kind soul posted a sample proposal and introduction online, so that all the "learning by observation" people like me could stop pulling their hair out and wailing over how they had no idea what they were doing. (The sample introduction/proposal, by the way, is here. You're welcome.) 

With some of the mystery taken out of the process, I've discovered that writing proposals can actually be kind of fun. Maybe I'm crazy for thinking that. That's okay; I accepted the reality of my own insanity a long time ago. But really, I have had way too much fun writing the synopsis for the book in question. I'll probably have to pull a Frankenstein on it later by chopping it up and cobbling it back together, but hey, it's better than having a blank page in front of me. (Although I'll probably have to find some alternative to an electric shock to bring it to life, considering that I'm using a computer to write/edit it...) 

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. Nothing big happened, I suppose. It was a Sunday like any other. Well, except that I managed to make it through morning services without having panic issues; that actually made it kind of an awesome Sunday. But after I went home, I decided to do some shopping on Amazon. And by "shopping," I mean, "looking up the same books that I've been drooling over for weeks and trying to talk myself into actually buying the paperbacks." The books were 'Captives' (first in 'The Safe Lands Trilogy') and 'By Darkness Hid' (first in 'The Blood of Kings Trilogy'), both by Jill Williamson. I became acquainted with Jill via a Facebook group/blog called Go Teen Writers, which she and Stephanie Morrill (another awesome author/person) headed up, and not only is she an awesome person with a heart for helping others, but her books are great. She writes what she describes as "weird fiction for teens," which happens to be exactly what I tend to read and write most, though she does a better job of it than I do. The 'Blood of Kings' trilogy happens to be my favorite series ever, actually. (As evidenced by the fact that I'm buying the paperback for 'By Darkness Hid' when I've already read the eBook; I just don't do that.) 

*steps off of fangirling soapbox for a moment to take some deep breaths* Okay. I'm okay now. For the moment, anyways. 

So anyways, the exciting thing was that, when I checked out copies of 'Captives' that other people were selling on Amazon, I found one that is supposedly signed by the author. Yes, it made me happy. No, don't bother going to look for it now, because I already claimed it. Sorry. 

It's unusual for me to purchase paperbacks these days. Why? Well, being a Lymie with no consistently-paying job, who also likes to save her shekels to publish future books, turns me into sort of a tight-wad. Oftentimes, if a book is not available at my local library, I'll just put it on a wishlist, or maybe use gift card money to get the (usually cheaper) eBook version, if that option is available. But I've read a preview of 'Captives' (via a FREE sampler of Jill's writing that is available here), and heard recommendations from friends. Those things, combined with my abiding love for 'Blood of Kings', convinced me to purchase the book, and I've caught myself checking my e-mail way too many times since to see whether the book has shipped yet. (That reminds me, I haven't checked in a while. *scurries off to check it, then comes back*) 

When the book gets here and I've read through it, I will be more than happy to post my review for you lovely people to read. Until then, here is my review of 'By Darkness Hid' (which can be purchased here): 

"I learned about this book through a writer's group which the author, Jill Williamson, helps manage. The premise intrigued me, and the idea of Christian, non-magical -- well, unless you count the bloodvoicing as magic -- fantasy also excited me. [EDIT: I have since read the other books, which are also awesome, and discovered that it is not non-magical, but the magic involved is handled very well.] I decided at once that I wanted to read it. I spent months drooling over it, putting it on every wishlist, longing desperately to dive into the story therein. 

I was not disappointed. 

From the first pages, I connected with Achan, and rooted for him through every trial and disappointment. What angered him made me livid, and what made him sad brought tears to my eyes. When I reached Vrell's first chapter, I was prematurely disappointed, sure I could not love her as much as I had Achan. She quickly proved me wrong, and I ripped through the pages (well, digital pages), anxious to see what would happen next, holding my breath whenever it seemed her secret (revealed to the reader early on) might be revealed. I found the world well-developed and believable, the characters well-rounded and dynamic, and the storyline exhilarating, heart-wrenching, humorous (in a good way), and breathtaking in its turns. I highly recommend this book (and the books following) to anyone who loves fantasy -- Christian or no -- or just a good, well-written story. I look forward to the next book! *runs off to purchase and read book two*" 

So there you have it. I should also note that I don't often remember to leave reviews for books, either, but I just had to trumpet about this one. And if you're looking for a blog with great advice for writing and editing, with contests and fellowship with other teen authors (well, okay, some of us are older, but it's geared towards teens), check out Go Teen Writers here. There's also a Facebook page full of young writers who actively discuss books and writing, encourage one another, and sometimes even act as beta-readers. Seriously, it's great. I hope to see you there, if you aren't already a member! 

...I came on here intending to write a semi-serious post to raise awareness for something, or to give some sort of devotional thought for the day. I failed. But hey, fangirling works, too, doesn't it? Of course it does. Also talking to yourself. You know, some studies have indicated that people who talk to themselves are actually smarter than people who don't do the same. I guess that means I must be a very smart person, indeed. I wonder where you'd go to get that tested... 

...But of course, I digress. 

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