Saturday, October 11, 2014

Announcement For You All!

Well, fellow digressors, as stated in the above blog post title, I have an announcement for you all. And I shall get to it in just a moment. But first, I wanted to tell you that Adriana Gabrielle, a good friend of mine, recently interviewed me on her blog, Adriana Gabrielle Writes. In it, we discuss inspiration, plotting/outlining methods, and what I want readers to take away from my books. Also, check out the rest of her blog, and follow her if you like the content! She does book reviews and random posts about life and faith (sort of like mine), and is currently doing a series of author interviews. It's definitely worth a look. :) 

And now, to my aforementioned announcement: My character, Sohrem, from 'The Sehret Chronicles', is here for his own interview! From now until Wednesday, you can ask him anything you want to know, and I'll find some way to make him answer. He's stubborn, but I have methods of loosening his tongue. *evil cackle* 

Sohrem: Your evil cackle is really not that frightening. 

Hey! *shoves Sohrem back into the character closet; sighs* Well, I'll just take down your questions and pose them to him later. One way or another, I will get the answers posted on Wednesday sometime. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with Sohrem, I shall attempt to sum him up as briefly as possible. 

Sohrem Terahl

A Shamindo by birth, Siran Lethar fled his home territories at age seventeen and joined the Reshan Guard. He is now twenty years old, and is best friends with his commanding officer, Jorthen Lavahr, but their relationship is currently strained due to rather tumultuous happenings in 'The Follower'. He has gained a reputation for being brash, impulsive, and overly sensitive, and once tried to kill Sheth Terrem (yes, you read that right, and no, Sohrem is not happy that I wrote it), but most of this is because he was possessed or otherwise influenced by a Saethan (demon-dragon) for seven years, and has only recently been freed. So really, we have to cut him some slack. But he's still a bit snippy and doesn't trust easily, so I can't guarantee that he'll be very eager to answer the questions given without some persuasion. He doesn't like to read, but he keeps journals, one personal, and others as part of his job as a Guard Inspector (or, as Sheth calls him, a "glorified clerk"). I suspect Jorthen probably got him that job to keep him from hurting anyone. He has few hobbies, but has recently taken up knife-throwing under Kyra's instruction. Funny, considering that knife-throwing is a common skill cultivated among the Shamindo. I'm really surprised he didn't take it up on his own. 

Sohrem: You do realize that I'm not obligated to answer your questions at all, right? 


*sigh* Sorry about that. Anyways, like I said, he's rather standoffish, and doesn't really like to talk. Please forgive him. He's just afraid you'll decide to like him and that he'll mess you up or something. He's silly. 

Sohrem: I'm right here. 

Ugh. I give up. Go ahead and ask your questions below. And don't be shy -- he respects directness and genuine efforts to connect, no matter what he says. He's really a lot nicer than he seems at first. When he's not possessed, at least. 

Fun fact: In what I call the "genesis" scene for 'The Follower' (the scene I wrote in my notebook whenever I got bored, and eventually fleshed out into a story), Jorthen and Sohrem's personalities were completely switched. Jorthen was the impulsive one who kept getting into trouble, and Sohrem was the calm one. Ha. That changed. 

Another fun fact: This interview will be the first in a series. A few of the characters being featured in upcoming weeks: 

Jorthen Lavahr 
Talsyn Lethar 
Sheth Terrem 
Yannah Delraen 
Dertryn Jesyn 

...And more! For those of you not familiar with these people, they are either main or supporting characters in the Christian Fantasy series, 'The Sehret Chronicles' (which, I suppose I might add, is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats). 

So, without further ado, I shall open up the comments section for you to interrogate my pincushion... Er, my buddy... Er, Sohrem. Siran. Whatever. 

Obviously, I digress. 


  1. If you had the choice to save Sheth and die or let Sheth die and you live what would you do?

  2. Do you listen to music? What kind do you like ?
    What color best represents your personality?
    When did you start keeping a journal and why?
    I know you had a very hard childhood but do you have any happy memories?
    When did you and Jorthen become friends and why? How did you meet?


  3. What is the darkest thing you fear you might be capable of?

    (I really want to read this.... it's high on my kindle list right now!!!)

  4. (Morgan...Read it! Read it now...I've read one of the 2 books about 4 times and the other 3 times...they are great...)

    Hmmm...gotta come up with a good question here....Oh! How you you feel about this whole group of Fangirls that really seem to like you??? Only asking cause I /might/ be one of those fangirls XD

  5. What is a demon-dragon exactly and what did it feel like being possessed by it?

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