Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ask Jorthen!

Good morning, fellow digressors! I bet you didn't know I could wake up this early, did you? Well, normally I don't. I tend to stay up very late and wake up at about noon. Sometimes later. But today is an exception, and therefore I shall bring to you, at this early morning hour, the next character for your consideration. 

Jorthen Lavahr

Captain Jorthen Lavahr joined the Reshan Guard at the age of fourteen, a good two years before the technical age of eligibility. The son of a domineering officer, he has been raised to be the ideal soldier and diplomat, charming, authoritative, and invincible. As such, anything less than perfection is insufficient, especially for himself. Even his own health troubles are not enough to hold him back from his duties, even when it puts his own life at risk. His mother disappeared shortly before Jorthen's father, Atrin, enlisted him in the Guard; no-one saw her go, but the story goes that she left Atrin and Jorthen to find a better life. At twenty-five years old, despite his tendency to be very social and to take it upon himself to keep everyone else in line, Jorthen does not have many close friends. Contrary to the dictates of his father and of his social position, Jorthen formed a close friendship with Sohrem Terahl. That friendship has gotten him into trouble several times, but he has yet to disband it. However, he himself put it and all other relationships in jeopardy when he accepted an offer of power from the enemy and turned on his companions. He has now been retrieved, and is again traveling with his true friends, but many no longer trust him. The loss of authority, and also of assignments to follow, might be enough to drive him over the edge. We shall see. (Also to be noted is that, despite being pursued by multiple female recruits at Jaern, Jorthen shows an unusual lack of interest in such relationships, and has not deigned to explain why to the general public. And even if he did, it is a known fact that Jorthen lies if he thinks it is in his best interest or in the best interest of his subordinates. It's just part of his position.) 

From now until Wednesday, you can ask Jorthen anything you like, and he'll answer. I'll torture the answers out of him if I have to, but since he's been conditioned to obey authority, he shouldn't give me that much trouble. Oh, and I should also note that Jorthen and Atrin have a very strained relationship, and that Jorthen doesn't like to talk about it. So either avoid that topic, or ask about it if you feel like making him squirm. As Sohrem might have indicated in the previous interview, watching Jorthen squirm is a rare privilege. 

And now I must be off. The day's activities await. Ask your questions in the comments below, and on Wednesday I'll post the results. 


  1. Okay! Question time! XD

    Okay. So, Jorthen, does your job ever annoy you cause you could sometikes end up stuck working with some rather immature/annoying people?

    And I'm gonna ask the same question I asked Sohrem... How do you feel about fangirls who might really like you or whatever??

  2. I tried to comment before, but it looks like it didn't work.

    Does the perfection you and others expect from yourself ever feel confining?
    What is your relationship like with your father, Atrin? ;)
    Do you believe the stories about your mother? If so, what do you think about the choice that she made?
    Why did you accept the enemy's offer?
    How did you meet Sohrem? (I'm excited to hear this from Jorthen's perspective.)
    How have your health challenges affected your life?

  3. What is your definition of perfection?
    Who is your example ?
    What was your biggest failure?
    Who are you most afraid of disappointing?
    What is your greatest success?