Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ask Talsyn! (If You Dare.)

Hello again, fellow digressors. As you know, for the past couple of weeks, I've been doing a series of character interviews, in which you ask questions, and the characters have to answer them. Today, I bring you a rather interesting character -- Talsyn Lethar. (Hang on -- I just need a second to revel in how perfectly this picture I found on Pinterest fits him. It's almost exactly how I imagined him. *takes a deep breath* Okay.) 

Talsyn Lethar 

The eldest son of Shamindo parents, Tal has always been used to living without, and to being ostracized for his race and social status. But his life took a turn for the worse at age fourteen, when his parents -- Sylm and Asyra Lethar -- went journeying and never came back. Despite his efforts, Tal was unable to find his parents, and even found evidence (which he refuses to discuss) indicating that they were dead. This tragedy left Tal and his younger brother, Siran, as orphans, and as Tal was not deemed capable of caring for both of them, they were assigned to live with a caretaker. Far from fulfilling the responsibilities tied to her position of caretaker, or of the name she took on, 'Mother' made them do all the work she did not feel inclined to do herself, leaving them to fend for themselves when she wasn't beating them. Tal, unable to shield his brother and provide for the both of them at the same time, searched for an escape but found none that would not involve abandoning the only family he had left. All this made him eager to accept an offer of power and freedom from a dragon who seemed to possess magical abilities, but far from being empowered, Tal became a slave to the creature and did its bidding at the expense of everyone around him, including his little brother. Still, something at his core knew that he made the wrong choice, and still longed to shield his brother from all that he had become. (Let's just say Tal is/was a very conflicted person, and stirred things up quite a bit in 'The Merchant's Son'. I kinda miss having him around, as he's not in my current project.) His skills include thieving, sneaking, intimidation, and knife-throwing. 

Sohrem: Carissa, I want to talk to him.  

I already said no. Go away and let other people ask the questions. 


I KNOW THAT. THANKS FOR FINALLY ADMITTING IT. *shoves Sohrem back into the character closet* 

*sigh* Sorry about that. But on a side note, if you notice Sohrem sneaking up behind me with a knife, warn me, okay? Feel free to pose your questions for Talsyn (or Tal, as he's commonly called) in the comments below! I'm not sure what state he'll be in during the interview, especially considering that he's pretty much an antag most of the time. I'll try not to let him drink anything given to him by a dragon for a while beforehand. He'll probably be cranky. Anyways, have at it! I'll post his answers on Wednesday, as per the usual schedule. 


  1. Why was your heritage something that made you ostracized? Is there a history there?

    What are some of your favirite things to do? Do you have any hobbies or pastimes?

    Are you the hero of your own tale?

  2. Hi there!

    What are you most ashamed of? What is your happiest moment? What's your favorite color?

  3. This is for Carissa, not Tal (though he sounds incredibly interesting). This is so creepy, but for the novel I'm planning out now (also a fantasy, but urban) the picture you use for Tal is the exact same one as I have for MY antagonist. Which is. . .super creepy.
    For Tal: How come your race meant you were ostracized?

    1. Yes, that is a bit creepy. O.o Maybe they're cousins...? xD

    2. Oh dear. That WOULD be interesting. Now I've got idea of cousins running through my head.

  4. What is your greatest asset to success?

  5. What's your relationship with your brother? What kind of things does the dragon make you do?

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