Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Character Interview #3: Talsyn Lethar

Good morning again, fellow digressors! How are you today? I'm feeling more productive than usual. I recently finished writing my synopsis for 'The Merchant's Son', and am in the process of editing it. I hope to submit the proposal to my publisher of interest before NaNo starts (GOOD NIGHT, THAT IS IN THREE DAYS, AND I HAVEN'T FINISHED PLOTTING 'THE RESCUER' YET, PEOPLE). 

Anyways, if you were here on Saturday, you know that I opened up my character, Talsyn Lethar, to be interviewed. He's the first antag to be interviewed here, and while he's a bit point-blank and shameless, it was a fun interview, and I did manage to drag some answers out of him. 

Sohrem: I. Want. To. Talk. To. Him. 

I. Will. Not. Let. You. *pushes Sohrem out* Sheesh. Little brothers, huh? *ahem* Now, to the results of the interview! 

Why was your heritage something that made you ostracized? Is there a history there? 

I'm not used to having to answer this question. Shamindo are known for being lawless and taking advantage of their neighbors by thieving, ambushing, playing pranks, and the like. The reputation may or may not be earned. There's that, and the fact that I'm poor and orphaned. No-one wants to deal with orphaned, impoverished troublemakers, as a general rule. And the fact that we live close to the Reshan-Shamindo border doesn't help, because it means we're in contact with foreigners constantly. One of these days someone needs to show them what it's like to be hated just for showing up. 

Oh, I'm sure "someone" will. What are some of your favorite things to do? Do you have any hobbies or pastimes? 

What, are you joking? I'm too busy to eat or sleep sometimes, much less to do anything nonessential. Which is a big part of why I don't think I'll stay here long. 

Are you the hero of your own tale? 

I'm a survivor. Heroes are overrated. 

Come on -- you can't tell me you've never wanted to be a hero. 

I got over it. 

*sigh* What are you most ashamed of? 

I'm not ashamed. Irritated, yes, because someone didn't hold up their end of the deal. And now I have to take the flack for it. Any shame I had about anything faded a long time ago. 

I noticed. What is your happiest moment? 

I don't think we know each other well enough to be sharing details like that just yet. 

Who are you kidding? Just answer the question. 

I don't know. I've had a few. I guess the happiest moment for me was the moment I realized I could actually do something about my situation. 

You made a deal with the devil. Almost literally. 

I made a deal to escape. I'm still waiting on results, but it's still better than sitting around and being powerless. 

What's your favorite color? 


That's it? You're telling me your favorite color, just like that? 

I'd like to get out of here as quickly as possible. 

Okay, then. This question has technically already been asked, but I'd like to see you elaborate: Why did your race mean you were ostracized? 

I don't see why elaboration is needed. People don't like Shamindo because they're unruly. If we go into bordertowns without anything truly valuable to trade, we'll get spit upon, cursed at, and the like. My brother and I and other Shamindo urchins got kicked or beaten sometimes because we stole to survive. Sometimes we wouldn't even have to do anything, because supposedly, the fact that we were Shamindo and in the general area of something that could be stolen meant we were there to steal it. Maybe the stereotypes are generally accurate, but people prefer to stab first and ask questions later, in my experience, so it wouldn't really matter if we were actually decent. They would treat us like scum anyways. 

Ah, yes. Racial tension is so much... fun. What is your greatest asset to success? 

My ability to improvise and get things done when no-one else will take responsibility for the situation. If I don't like the idea of doing something, but it's the only way to solve a problem, I'll do it. Say what you will, but at least I didn't run away and leave Siran to fend for himself when things got difficult. Neither of us would still be breathing if I'd been a weakling about it. 

And the whole "dealing with the devil" thing...? 

I did what was necessary for us to survive. Nothing more, nothing less. 

Right. I guess from your point of view, that's true. So what is your relationship like with your brother? 

He doesn't understand everything I do, and I'd prefer to keep it that way. I don't need his understanding -- I need him safe. And that means I need him to man up and let me do what's necessary. He's overly sensitive and disagrees with my methods. That's his problem. 

Uh-huh. I would beg to differ, but that would mean giving you a glimpse of your future. What kinds of things does the dragon make you do? 

It doesn't exactly "make" me do things. It gives orders, and I follow them. It's easier that way. Resisting is painful, and really doesn't get me anywhere. Sometimes it gives me orders that include inconveniencing or harming someone else. In any case, I do what needs to be done for my own good and for my brother's. And until you've been in my situation and had to make the decisions I've had to make, you are in no position to judge me. 

And there it is, folks! *pushes Tal out of the room before he can set anything on fire* I hope you enjoyed this interview. Please comment below if you have any more questions or just... er... comments. Sorry, my vocabulary has failed me at the moment. Next week, I will be interviewing... *drumroll, please* ...Yannah Delraen! A few of you may be familiar with her. If not, know that she is one of the main characters in 'The Follower', and is apparently on a lot of people's lists of their favorite characters from the book. So stay tuned! 

Oh, and, uh... please keep watching my back, will ya? I think Sohrem still has it out for me. Actually, I'm pretty sure he does. Especially now that I've interviewed his long-lost brother and not let him get a word in edgewise. He might not be too happy with me. 

But, of course... I digress. 


  1. You interviews are so great! The characters' personalities really come out. I'm actually using your posts as research to figure out how to do one of these things myself. xD I hope you don't mind.
    Tal was definitely someone I'd want to get to know better. I'm curious: does the dragon have some sort of physical/mental control over Tal? It sounded like it. Poor Tal.

    1. haha I don't mind at all, Annika! I'm honored. :) They certainly are a lot of fun.

      Yes, it does. More than he'd care to admit. He thinks it mostly just gives him orders which he chooses to follow, but it's actually sort of shaped his mind in the years since he allied himself with it. He was a lot kinder and such before all that happened.