Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ask Dertryn!

Hello, fellow digressors! Well, as seems to be the case quite often these days, I am a little behind schedule. I have not yet written a NaNo post, and this is quite late in the day to be sharing an intro to a character interview. But that's okay -- Dertryn, at least, is used to waiting. And to disappointed, he'd probably say. (He's nice enough, but he's had a rough life. Of course he has -- he's one of my characters, isn't he?) 

Dertryn Jesyn

Dertryn Jesyn is twenty-three, and the second-born child of Sern and Syra Jesyn. His elder brother, Nolan, died at age fifteen, and Syra perished the same night. Despite Sern's efforts to prevent it, the assailants took Dertryn -- then eight years old -- and turned him over to the Saethen in a nearby Lair. Miraculously, he made it out alive, but (contrary to what this extremely hard to find picture might indicate) came out scarred, both mentally and physically, and none of his family remained in the area to help him. (Sern went looking for him, but he went in entirely the wrong direction.) Due to his experiences with the Saethen (demon-dragons), Dertryn had a hard time returning to the dragon-centric culture of the Serdak. But he managed to bond with a more docile dragon named Tyri, and has managed to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a dragon-rider (like Sern). He went looking for his father at age sixteen, but upon their reunion, discovered that Sern had adopted another boy about Dertryn's age. Hurt and outraged, he returned to the mountains with no intention of speaking with either his father or his adoptive brother, Sheth, again. Fate denied his wishes again, however, and he is now tasked with helping Sern, Sheth, and a group of other travelers return home, and has a hard time setting aside old grudges to reconcile and help them. As a child, he was very energetic and friendly. Time has made him more somber, but he still enjoys the occasional joke, so long as he gets to nix anything that he doesn't think is funny. He enjoys archery, solitary rides with Tyri, and the occasional book. While he cannot deny the existence of the supernatural, he is reluctant to acknowledge it, as such acknowledgement brings back unpleasant memories. Many would say he takes after his father, though he would deny it. (Personally, I don't think those protests will hold up for long. He is a lot like Sern.) 

Anyways, Dertryn will be taking your questions from now through Wednesday, and then I will coerce him into answering them and post the results for you to enjoy. I promise, he won't kill anyone. He might want to (since he does take after his father, and Sern fantasizes about punching irritating people more than he'd care to admit), but he won't act on it. He can be friendly when he sets his mind to it. 


  1. What exactly happened while you were captured to leave you scarred? What were the captors like? Do you have any lady friends? ;)

  2. Yes! More character interviews! (and another reason to stall and not work on my NaNo Novel *cough cough* ) Okay...Questions.... What was your best memory from when you were a kid? Okay, and I gotta ask...have you found yourself confronted with any fangirls? or have the fangirls all avoided you so far? that I have delayed it, it is time I headed back to my writing.... Cant wait to see the answers to these (and others) questions :D

  3. What is your dragon Tyri like? Does he feel like a friend to you? Do you have a favorite food?

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