Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ask Kyra!

Hello again, fellow digressors. I apologize if I sound a bit scatterbrained today. That's mostly because I am quite scatterbrained at the moment. Ever have all your thoughts decide to play an impromptu game of 'Tag' and tearing off in different directions, scampering up trees and hiding behind bushes, climbing the drainpipes, occasionally chasing after each other, and ignoring all of your pleas to come back inside and help with the chores? Well, that's where I've been for the past few days, and I swear my thoughts have invented a hundred different varieties of tag in the meantime. 

Today Kyra Daehr is here for an interview. This one should be quite interesting. Kyra can be nice when she really wants to be, but she's generally very strongwilled and likes to put on a tough-girl front, so she might not appreciate my asking her questions. But she's one of the more popular characters from 'The Follower', so she really doesn't have much choice in the matter. 

Kyra Daehr

At age nineteen, Kyra Daehr is one of the best fighters in the Khanor Legion, but is better known for the set of claw-like scars that run down the left side of her face. After overcoming numerous hurdles put in place because of her race and gender, she has risen to a position of low command. She was in charge of the patrol that got trapped with another sent by the Reshan Guard, and routinely clashes with Jorthen Lavahr, the leader of the Guard patrol, now that they've been forced to work together. Kyra is the second-born child in her family, of which she and her elder brother Ender are the only survivors after Saethen (demon-dragons) and their servants laid waste to the village where the family lived. Kyra has few friends, but she is close with Lehn Sohran, and tolerates his younger sister, Shaetha. Kyra has a special passion for knives and for hand-to-hand combat, and excels at nearly everything she tries. Her Kirat heritage contributes to her fiery temperament, but (and she would never admit this) the proper trigger disables her by pulling her into memories of her encounters with the Saethen. Overall, she's not someone to be crosses, but she's not nearly as heartless as she'd like others to believe. Usually, Lehn is the only person she trusts enough to show her vulnerable side, and like Dertryn Jesyn (previously interviewed), is reluctant to discuss her family or childhood. It should be noted that Kyra was taken captive by the Saethen shortly after Dertryn was, and escaped around the same time or slightly later. Dertryn says someone helped him escape. It is possible that the same someone was involved in Kyra's escape. It is unlikely that she made it out on her own. 

Aaaaand that's all my scattered brain is giving me. Feel free to ask any questions below. Kyra has gotten a little more open recently, so she might not be quite as difficult as she would normally be. Maybe. We'll see. 

OH. Kyra and Sohrem do not get along at all. Ironic, considering that both of their ethnic backgrounds make other people less prone to trust them. One would think they would band together a little more, or at least not make it their mutual life goal to get each other hung from the gallows. But nope. 


  1. I'll ask this one: Are you a troublemaker? Have you ever been one?

  2. Why don't you get along with Sohrem? What is the most ridiculous thing you've ever done? Do you think that your friendship with Lehn could go further, and do you want it to? Do you feel threatened by others because of your race, and if so, what kind of treatment do you get that prompts that response?

  3. What's unique about your Kirat heritage as opposed to others? What do you like the most about it?

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