Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ask Yannah! (Yes, I Do Actually Have Female Characters.)

Well, here it is, fellow digressors -- my first post of November. I was going to try being cool by referring to the blog by its initials, until I remembered that its initials would be either DOADS, DDS, or DADS, none of which are especially cool. Although dads are cool. And bow ties. And fezzes. 

Wait, what was I saying? Oh, yeah. 

Today, I present to you yet another lovely character for an interview. And yes, as indicated in the title of the post, this is the first character in the blog series who would not be likely to protest to being called "lovely." (Although Jorthen is a lovely man, and I'm sure he's used to hearing it.) 

Yannah Delraen

Yannah Delraen recently turned seventeen, but despite her easygoing manner, her spitfire temper, and her tendency to get flustered and blush, she is old beyond her years. The second-born of five children, Yannah was left to fend for herself and her little brothers when her mother died of an illness, her father stopped fulfilling his role as caregiver, and her eldest brother, Aviram, left to make his own way in the world. When the government took her younger brothers and assigned them to different families, Yannah was left alone with her faith broken and her purpose lost. She joined the Reshan Guard. and there met Sheth, Sohrem, and Jorthen. She has, in the months since, renewed her faith in what her mother taught her, become Sheth's best friend and eventually his girl, reunited with Aviram, and been stalked by Sohrem. (All this after her crush on Jorthen faded because she didn't like his bossiness.) She loves to draw, and is Shaetha Sohran's best friend, sort of an older sister figure. She's the sort to sit quietly in the corner and mind her own business, while silently firing off sassy comebacks to anyone who says something she doesn't like. She rarely says these things aloud, but entertaining the thought of them is her guilty pleasure. She is not a naturally forgiving person, but she is learning. (Fun fact: Yannah is the first character I ever based off of a real person. She was based off of me, actually, but she's since developed her own personality and doesn't even look quite like me anymore. A cousin, maybe, but not me.) 

From now until Wednesday, Yannah will be taking questions from anyone who wishes to ask her anything. I'm not sure whether her shy or sassy side will take the reins during the interview. It will probably vary based upon which questions are asked. 

But anyways, ask away! And now I must be off. It's the first day of NaNoWriMo, and I have not written anything for it yet. *guilty look* I did, however, submit 'The Merchant's Son' to a publisher at long last, so I don't have proposal-writing or editing to use as an excuse for my own natural tendency to procrastinate anymore. Drat. 

Uh, I mean... you see... 

*sigh* Never mind. I digress. 


  1. What is being in the guard like?

  2. Haha! Okay! Not gonna lie, that comment about how Jorthen is a 'lovely man' made me laugh really really hard! Okay! anyways!

    Okay, Yannah, what was the hardest part about having to take care of your younger brothers? Or was it all extremely challenging?

    If you were suddenly reunited with your younger brothers and the government allowed you to take care of them again would you leave the Reshan Guard without a moments hesitation? Even if it meant not being able to say goodbye to the people you met there and leaving them all behind? (Sorry that was a full question XD)

  3. Which one of your brothers were the closest with? Were you ever closest to your farther or your mother? What are some of your fondest memories about your mother?

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